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 Does the “Cure Gout Now” Diet Really Work ?


Available at www.cure-gout-now.com is a program that promises “ All- natural, drug free gout treatment to cure gout. Lisa McDowell the program’s creator goes on to proclaim “Finally getting rid of gout symptoms once and for all..” and maintains that despite many medical professionals saying there is no magical cure for gout her research has shown that dietary and natural methods can effectively relieve symptoms quickly and prevent future attacks!
It certainly seems like a bit of a stretch to say effective gout treatment can be provided with a simple system, but rather than discounting it outright, let’s look a little deeper at the facts of this product.


Purchasing Cure Gout Now

Buying Cure Gout Now is easy enough to do. When you visit the official website you will be confronted with a rather long sales letter explaining the pros of the product, offering testimonials from other gout sufferers who have used this program to relieve their gout symptoms, and explaining a little more about what you will get when you purchase this Home Cures for Gout manual.
From that page you can click the link that says ‘Click Here To Order Securely Online’ which is almost at the bottom of the page at the end and is in blue. On clicking that link you will be taken to a different page that offers you one of two options. Either you can buy the product alone, or a “Deluxe” package (an extra $10) that includes 3 more books.
**** Tip On this page just put your cursor over the “X” to close that window (don’t actually close it) you will then be shown how to get the deluxe package for the same price as the regular package. A new window will open within the main window with the revised offer. So why not use that offer and get the whole bundle. They take all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

How “Cure Gout Now” Works

The benefits of this product will technically be greater for people suffering their

first gout attacks, as they fewer “bad habits” to change, but in reality it will actually help the long term sufferers to finally manage their Gout treatments easily and effectively. The Home cures for Gout program is made up of three main parts.

  1. The first part of the step-by-step manual of natural methods to cure your gout. This includes, “7 Steps to Cure Gout Quickly and Naturally” as well as the 6 High Risk factors for Gout and how to avoid them. Included in this are tips on How to change the underlying cause of your gout and how to treat an acute gout attack.
  2. The second is a full nutrition plan that will give you the foods that will lower your levels of uric acid naturally and effectively, as well as How to eat out and not worry about a gout attack later.
  3. The third part, to help all gout sufferers get started is a section with tasty gout recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! All recipes using “Gout friendly foods” that show you how to avoid unhealthy options that will set off another attack. Also included is a section on How to lose weight quickly and easily which is by way of a bonus to some gout sufferers but not by no means all.


The Actual Test

The Cure Gout Now program is not made for everyone, no matter what the creators claim. While it is ideal for anyone who is happy enough to change their eating and dietary patterns, those who have medical problems (other than gout) should consult with their medical advisors or doctors before starting this gout treatment program. As for those who are in good physical condition but have gout symptoms, Cure Gout Now can do wonders! Lisa McDowell is a Health Researcher and her studies on the home cures for gout and foods in her gout treatment program are well documented. Additionally she draws on her experience of nursing a gout sufferer (her husband). It is easy to see that a difference could be made with these simple and easy home cures for gout. How much seems to depend purely on the ability of the individual, to make the necessary changes in their eating habits and to stick to the guidelines. Not everyone will end up curing their gout with this gout treatment, but you may at least learn how to manage and reduce future gout attacks. Read the full “Cure Gout Now” review.

Gout Causes Quiz

To take this quiz to see the top causes of gout just click the image


Home Cures For Gout Key Observations


“Cure Gout Now” Pros:

  • The system is standard enough and easy to implement, that it is likely to be effective.
  • Lisa McDowell writes about gout symptoms and gout treatment from experience of caring for her husband ( a gout sufferer) – so no BS and a system that has been tried and tested.
  • There is a “8 Weeks No Quibble, No Questions asked 100% money back” guarantee.
  • Free Bonus Report # 1 – ABC’s of Superfoods – Unlock Natures Pharmacy”. Learn about 50 natural superfoods and the top 10 cancer prevention foods
  • Free Bonus Report # 2 – “178 Ways To Burn Calories And Lose Weight, An Expert Guide – Easy to implement steps to losing weight, without once stepping into the gym
  • Free Bonus Report # 3 (recently added) – “Banish Foot Pain Once And For All” – Identify the most common foot problems and have the skills to treat them. Know what over-the-counter or prescriptions medications can safely be used to treat your pain.

“Cure Gout Now” Cons:

  • They offer so much with this program, and some of it may prove to be unneeded, such as in their comprehensive natural foods bonus reports.
  • As mentioned above you need to have no other health issues – otherwise you need to get approval from your doctor to ensure that this gout treatment will not conflict with your current dietary needs. If these home cures for gout might cause any problem, this is not for you.
  • This type of Gout treatment relies on your willingness to adopt new eating habits. Whilst for many it is easy to follow the program it might be difficult for you, so ask yourself if you will “honestly” be able to make the changes needed to cure your gout.

Cure Gout Now Overall Rating : 9/10 – Definitely Recommended!

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